Efficient argumentation

X: The principle of configuration improvement is systematic, in other words, individual values change only if they are acted upon indirectly the whole ecosystem, because if they are acted upon directly, they return to the original calibration (just like a pendulum, or a slightly tilted cup, or flipchart, etc.) All individual objects of the physical world have their points of resting stability to which they return by oscillation, so the conditions of the near and distant environment must be changed.

Y: My yesterday’s „hike“ – was very much about what you wrote about the tilted cups. I mean, I had to fight within myself, to properly deflect it – to be able to realistically go. Because after all, I hadn’t been anywhere for a long time – and there wasn’t much missing…

X: You have managed to find the critical point from which your body, the oscillator, has still be able to recover its equilibrium state (for the freedom of action), which is a fantastic success.

Because by doing so you are shifting your comfort-Zone by expanding up your Zone of Proximal Development (what Vygotsky came up with about 100 years ago). Until then, Piaget and Husserl believed, that everything is given in Consciousness, it just needs to be purified.

And now let’s apply this to our first topic, the blasphemous violationing of the authoritativeness of the Bible, which you accuse Prostredník, Polcková, Pavlús, Kolíková, etc. ) – Talmudists, Muslim scholars, Christian scholars (Thomas Aquinas) found an Aristotle who was not only older than two of the 3 Theories of Everything (New Testament, Qur’an), but who was far beyond their mark of accuracy – a critical point of stability, from which they could not return to their equilibrium states.

Y: Good, logical reasoning…. ? but….

X: A ‚but‘ is a trap. Good logical reasoning can only be replaced by better reasoning, as Thomas Kuhn figured out in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, p87, https://monoskop.org/File:Kuhn_Thomas_S_Struktura_vedeckych_revoluci.pdf

Y: ..maybe it will „force“ me to read Aristotle


We are convinced, that an efficient argumentation is learnable.