who are we?

Take a look at the image and find its meaning. Express it in one word. And since 1 example is not enough, you will find 3 more on this page.

It is a  new, non learned, situation, it claims new combination of the known in order to arrive at a novel solution of the unknown.

Thinking starts in communication with oneself.

The solution is novel in the sense that, before that situation arose, no one had reason to think through what an appropriate solution would be for it, or what the result of using of the learned in that situation would be.

We are looking for a thinner binder, piping, relation bond (smallest unit of resolution), so that the existing reality could be transformed to a smoother shape in a garanteed demonstrable scientific way.

I.e. where it is necessary plastically, elsewhere elastically, but never by giving way to unethicality and falsehood.

We are not cruel, hypocritical, snobbish, treacherous. We are not misanthropic. We are free people, citizens.