DNA selection

Schoenberg, Berg, Webern

Messiaen A Few Bars Of Cant​é​yodjayâ

Messiaen Seven Bars of le Merle Noir

Each of the new songs created for this album combines simultaneous multiple performances which have been edited and transformed to produce new, original pieces which contain the „DNA“, so to speak, of each composer’s work. ‚Field recordings‘, also transformed, are present on each track, in some cases more noticeably than in others…

[1] Berg, Lyric suite

[2] Berg, Violin concerto

[3] Berg, Piano sonata

[4] Berg, Chamber concerto

[5] Schoenberg, Six piano pieces

[6] Schoenberg, Verklarte nacht

[7] Schoenberg, Five string quartets

[8] Webern, Five movements for string quartet

[9] Webern, Six pieces for orchestra

[10] Messiaen, Cantéyodjayâ

[11] Messiaen, Merle Noir