Propaedeutics of new thinking

1) Comprehensible propaedeutics of the philosophy of Quantum theory:

1.1 Planck,,

1.2 Einstein,,

1.3 Bohr, podlampou /93168/under-the-lamp-about-the-miracles-of-physics-how-Mr.-Bohr-understood-the-atom/?ref=tit

1.4 German atomic scientists and uranium-project – myths and facts on ethics,

2) The main weight of this propaedeutics is the inseparability of experimentation and theorizing. That’s why my reflective intelligence considers it a propaedeutic of new thinking in general, i.e. also philosophical thinking

3) In the sense that Williamson writes about it here:

4) I validate its generality in new situations, e.g. in the technical area of troubleshooting the IoT architecture of the smart boiler thermostat on the house (Protherm condensing boiler), to which we have connected an AI relay with a moving thermostat

4.1) We communicate and change the parameters of the Netatmo relay only via the publicly accessible Netatmo server

4.2) Netatmo relay is inaccessible from the outside.

4.3) It is getting its private adress from router’s DHCP service

4.4) It is autonomously updating its parameters via port 25050 (UDP and TCP) in some reasonable default polling interval from the publicly accessible Netatmo server

4.5) What is enough to occur in approximately real time.

4.6) If the communication from the relay to the server is broken, the server informs us that its client (Netatmo relay) has a problem with the wifi connection.