Detection of systematic errors

(1.1) To see what directory I’m in in Python, I can check it via the function print(os.getcwd()).

(1.2) If Python returns the following

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[1], line 1
—-> 1 print(os.getcwd())

NameError: name ‚os‘ is not defined

(1.3) instead of destroying the computer, I will import the os library – ‚import os‘
and after re-entering print(os.getcwd()) I get e.g. ‚/home/ivan‘.

(2.1) If I want to check if ChatGPT is intelligent, I’ll give it to do an exam essay in the area I need to test and then I check it to see that it is not creating anything really new, but just combining the old ones round and round.

(2.2) So if he passes the exams, I won’t think he’s intelligent, but I’ll modify the exams so that they don’t give a positive evaluation for recombination.

(3.1) If someone in a situation, where we are attacked by an aggressor, says we should try to make peace,
as signatories to the call –,
or the Heideggerian phenomenologist Mrs. Hogen –

(3.2) we will not obey in advance to help to establish the agressor’s colonial imperial peace, but we will defeat him and show him what real peace is